Depression Treatment

Focused Awareness Counseling

Depression Treatment in the Flower Mound Area

You’ve been feeling sad and tired lately. You haven’t been feeling well, and there’s no real reason for it that you can pinpoint. You notice a lack of motivation, and it’s become hard to concentrate at work or school. You’ve lost interest in being with family and friends because they don’t understand how you feel. It seems like no one appreciates you anyway, so there’s no use in finding new friends or trying at relationships because they never work out. You feel isolated and you would rather be alone. The isolation of depression is different from the solitude of choosing alone time.
You want to feel hopeful again and get back to living life!

Depression Treatment

Depression is real and should be treated seriously. Depression can be something that developed in childhood and has been nagging at you or it may pop up occasionally. It can affect people at any stage of their life– childhood, teens, adulthood, or older adulthood. Depression has been found to have a genetic link and can run in families.

I think the time has come to explore your depression. You would have done it on your own if you could have. Depression therapy offers you a partnership built on trust and honesty and can help you work through it. We will take the time you need to feel comfortable. You will not be alone. We will start by looking at your life and the areas where it is working and not working. You will discuss your truths, desires, and dreams. We tend to be so hard on ourselves. Learning a better way of relating to yourself will be key. Improving your perspective is one way to start.


What issues can EMDR help treat?

  • Self-care Techniques
  • Changing How You Talk to Yourself
  • Life Goals
  • Exploring Past Trauma
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Learning about Depression
  • Communication
Depression counseling can help you feel more like yourself. You will be supported along the way and will become happier, more social, and will be able to function at a higher level than you thought possible. Clients have noticed that they have a new way of relating to themselves and others. You will improve your focus, feel less stressed, improve your relationships, and just feel a new ability to breathe.
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